IPCA Case Information Survey/Analysis

This form is to create a qualitative and quantitative database of individual IPCA cases, in order to provide a detailed analysis and overview of the problems encountered by the Left Behind Parents. Our objective is to create a map of the epidemic of International Parent Child Abduction.

Disclaimer: Participation to this questionnaire is purely for the purpose of collating IPCA data and is entirely voluntary. By filling out this questionnaire you consent with your personal data being processed for the purpose of the IPCA case information Analysis. It is our intent to only use this data for influencing public opinion and policy. Numbers and stories give weight and gravitas.

We do not own the content and are not responsible for any outcome and the consequences of filling out this form. We are legally not liable for any of the content, analysis or as result of this questionnaire. Your geographic location does not matter and we are not legally liable and bound to geographical closure.

By filling this form, an individual gives his/her consent to use the provided data for any and specific purposes and agrees to the disclaimer above.

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