June 29, 2017: US kids’ abduction: Bill to remove benefits for non-complaint countries

An influential US lawmaker today introduced a legislation that will remove tariff benefits for countries found to be non-compliant in returning American children abducted and taken to another country by one parent without the consent of the other, a move may impact India.

The bill ‘Bindu Philips and Devon Davenport International Child Abduction Return Act of 2017’ is named after two parents, an Indian-American and a Brazilian-American, both of whom allege that their kids were abduct ..

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March 25, 2017: Smith and Left Behind Parents Intensify Fight for American Children Abducted Overseas

Push Obama Administration to Use ‘Goldman Act’ Sanctions Against Worst Offending Countries

A congressional hearing to help the thousands of American children and brokenhearted “left-behind” parents from across the U.S. who are victims of international child abduction and to find out how the U.S. State Department is using the 2014-enacted “Sean and David Goldman Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act” to bring them home, was held Wednesday.

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