Nov 17, 2018: In the land of lost children: Indian-American victims of spousal kidnapping

Nidhi Sharma says she hasn’t seen her son since her husband abducted him to India four years ago. Samina Rahman had to wait more than three years till she could see her son after she said he was taken to India by his father in 2013. And Kiran Sanjeeva says the wait has been four years and counting: He said his wife ran away to India with their son, then 6, in 2014.

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April 12, 2018: India beginning to work with US to resolve child abduction cases: Official

Without The Hague Abduction Convention or any other protocols intended to resolve abduction cases, parents generally must pursue custody of abducted children in Indian courts.

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India beginning to work with US to resolve child abduction cases: Official


April 7, 2018: Broken families await legal solution – A.D. Rangarajan

Without the Hague Convention, NRI families faced with parental abduction have no forum to turn to little Mohit (name changed), a Class III student of Chennai, gets emotionally swept over on seeing his friend being picked up by his father or getting gifts from his beloved grandma. He stays alone with his mother and hasn’t seen his father or grandparents for years.

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June 29, 2017: US kids’ abduction: Bill to remove benefits for non-complaint countries

An influential US lawmaker today introduced a legislation that will remove tariff benefits for countries found to be non-compliant in returning American children abducted and taken to another country by one parent without the consent of the other, a move may impact India.

The bill ‘Bindu Philips and Devon Davenport International Child Abduction Return Act of 2017’ is named after two parents, an Indian-American and a Brazilian-American, both of whom allege that their kids were abduct ..

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March 25, 2017: Smith and Left Behind Parents Intensify Fight for American Children Abducted Overseas

Push Obama Administration to Use ‘Goldman Act’ Sanctions Against Worst Offending Countries

A congressional hearing to help the thousands of American children and brokenhearted “left-behind” parents from across the U.S. who are victims of international child abduction and to find out how the U.S. State Department is using the 2014-enacted “Sean and David Goldman Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act” to bring them home, was held Wednesday.

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