About us

Who we are:
We are a group of left-behind parents that have come together due to the unfortunate circumstances of our children being abducted to India. All of us have our children abducted to and illegally retained in India for several years, each with our own unique situations.

Why we do this:
As parents who live this life of separation and alienation from our kids perpetrated on us and our children by the abducting parents, we understand the sorrow and challenges very well. When most of us encountered the situation, we frantically searched for information and failed to find much in the form of practical knowledge. We hope that this website becomes a source of this valuable information to hold our collective experiences and wisdom gathered as we navigate through this issue. We also want to prevent future parental child abductions.

India is a top destination for IPCA due to the societal, cultural, legislative and legal environment prevalent there, and not many will realize this until it hits them. As parents of children abducted from USA to India, most of our experiences are with that angle and we hope this website helps someone along the way.  Even if it prevents one child from being abducted, we feel blessed.

What we aim for:
1. Education and awareness about IPCA, with special focus on India.
2. Child centered advocacy with Government Agencies.

What we are not:
We are not an organization. We do not assume any responsibility of any actions parents take based on information that is provided here. The views and data provided are merely meant to help people educate themselves about real-life challenges we have faced in the hope that it will make it a little easier for them to deal with their own situation. We always encourage parents to consult legal personnel and Govt. Authorities to base their own decisions on.

Please feel free to use the Contact Form if you have any suggestions or questions.